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Supporting programmes for conferences

Excerpts from our supporting programme

Go Landgut. Walk through the past of Landgut Stober

Take a tour through the Landgut Estate and experience the exciting historical background of this historic place.  Learn about the great grandfather of German mobility, true friendship, honor and respect, honest people, and the crazy makers and doers on this exciting tour.

Duration: 1 hour/ 9.00 Euro p.p minimum price (120 Euro)

Hot and Cold:  Winter Torchlight walk around the lake.

Enjoy the still and quiet natural beauty and learn more about the forest surrounding Lake Behnitz and the Borsig legacy on the Landgut property.  Awaiting you after the tour is a steaming hot glass of delicious punch.

Duration: ca 1 hour/ booking available from November until March with a minimum of 10 participants.  14.90 EURO per person including Glühwein or punch. 

Big Bertha: Learn about steam engine maintenance

Together in a team of up to 20 people work on our “Big Bertha”- a 26.5 Ton, original Borsig steam engine. The proprietor Michael Stober provides you with a unique insight into the technical background  of the device.  At the end of the course, participants will receive their own personal steam engine maintenance certificate of participation!

Duration: c.a 1.5 hours/ minimum 5 participants/ 35.00 Euro per person include drinks upon arrival

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Make your own print: Fresh prints in our Lithography workshop

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of printing and learn about the 120 year old onsite wood and copper lithography station. Along with learning about traditional printing techniques, you will be able to produce your own print that you will then be able to take home with you.

Duration: min. 2 hours/ booking available for groups of 8-20, 49.00 Euro per person including materials and drinks

Everything is good, almost everything is perfect: our famous cooking course with the Landgut Stober cooking team.

Working together, prepare a flavorful 3-course menu! Our cooking team will take you on an exciting tour through traditional cuisine from Brandenburg including personal stories and experiences for entertainment.  The story of each recipe will be told in full, from its origins on the farm all the way until it's sitting before guests on their plate- this makes it taste twice as good!  We recommend booking a wine tasting to go along with the delicious menu.  A small surprise awaits you at the end of the course. 

Meal is included, also bookable with a Wine tasting

Duration: min. 3 hours/ 6-20 participants/ 99.00 Euro per person

Everyone’s in the same Boat:  Dragon boat- a sporting challenge on Lake Behnitz

Team building and action- riding in a Dragon boat, you’re not just literally in the same boat.  Lead by an experienced captain you can comfortably explore Lake Behnitz or solve tasks as part of a scavenger hunt on the water.  Or if you would like to do something a bit more sporting, compete against an opponent in a rowing contest.  The captain will be onboard during the entire experience and will provide helpful advice on paddling technique and competition tactics.  In order to beat your opponent, teamwork is what really counts.  Those who paddle together, win together.

Duration: ca. 2-3 hours/ min. 7 participants from April until September/ starting at 35.00 Euro p.p

Team Challenge at the Landgut Stober

Exciting team assignments, skill tasks, logic puzzles and other challenging activities await your team.  You’ll have to keep magical bars under control, crack a computer code, navigate a swamp, and master seemingly impossible balancing acts.  It will quickly become clear, that the tasks can only become completed as a team with diverse ideas and strengths.  With tasks specifically designed for your party and a choice from more than 100 tools/ exercises, we match the action as best as possible with the atmosphere of your conference and bring your themes, values, and goals to life. 

Duration: min. 1 hour/ 5-120 participants/ 59.00 Euro per person

Welcome aboard:  Team adventure on the water

Team building and adventure- live!  Outfitted with bamboo, planks, barrels, ropes, and other creative material, participants must build quickly and nicely - simply put- something that will stay afloat.  After the presentation of the different designs, the event moves to the water.  In groups of 5 to 10 people participants will build their floats to the best of their creative and technical abilities.  A trained and experienced team will provide, upon request, insight and information about the materials and knot-tying methods (or you can try your own knot tying methods).  Welcome aboard

Duration: ca. 2.5 hours/ 5-100 participants starting at 59.00 per person

April- October

Archery:  Together the target is almost insight

Do you have a steady hand? Our exciting team event focuses on the individual challenge of concentration, coordination, aim, and most of all help and support.  After a bit of instruction from our expert, participants can start shooting right away.  Teams can either work together or against one another while shooting at the same time.  We will present shooters with a series of challenges as the begin to get more comfortable with a bow.  Balloons or apples will become targets and from a series of distances and at the end of the course there will be an exciting competition or synchronized shot (per request).

Duration: at least 1 hour/ 3- 60 participants starting at 39.00 EURO p.p

And so much more…!  E.g. Carriage ride through the surrounding area, sightseeing bus tours to Berlin or Potsdam, flying tour over Havelland and Potsdam, hot-air ballooning, Hiking with packed lunches around Lake Behnitz.  Price available upon request.


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