• Best German hotel conference venue 2016/19 (VDR)
  • Most sustainable conference & event hotel 2012-2020 (GCB, EVVC)
  • CO2 positive and organic certified since 2013

Conferences in the Berlin countryside

Conferences in Salon Arnold

Located on the 2nd floor between Salon Ernst and Salon Conrad (access between all three rooms is available), Salon Arnold is perfect for exclusive conferences and conventions of all sizes.  This room offers ample natural sunlight coming from both overhead and from the side, and is equipped with blinds in case it’s too bright.  The room is equipped with wireless internet and all the newest technology needed for any conference or presentation.  An energy efficient air intake and outtake system, as well as a wood chip heating system, make this room energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

  • Westward view of the lake
  • Room dimensions: 2.70- 4.40m / 169 qm
  • Wifi and blinds
  • Oak flooring
  • Loud speakers and microphone
  • Handicap entrance

360° - View
Salon Arnold / Conrad
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Salon Arnold
Salon Arnold
Salon Arnold

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