• Best German hotel conference venue 2016/19 (VDR)
  • Most sustainable conference & event hotel 2012-2020 (GCB, EVVC)
  • CO2 positive and organic certified since 2013


Conferences in Salons Ernst, Arnold & Conrad

All three rooms can be accessed via connecting passages. There is an open foyer, which is perfect for infostands, or champagne/ wine tastings.  The rooms are adjacent with one another and offer a view of the lake and a wonderful panoramic view of the Landgut Stober.  Retractable walls allow for easy connection and access of all 3 rooms. 

Tinted glass and a warm overhead light ensure an optimal conference atmosphere.  All three rooms have professional quality sound systems, outlets for charging devices, and a media control center. 

  • Westward facing view of the lake
  • Room dimensions: 2.70-4.40 m/ 504 m²
  • Wifi and adjustable lighting
  • Oak flooring
  • Loud speakers and microphone
  • Handicap entrance

360° - View
Salon Arnold / Conrad
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Salon Ernst, Arnold, Conrad
Salon Ernst, Arnold, Conrad
Salon Ernst, Arnold, Conrad

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